Me Hypnosis

My name is Lonnie Scott. I’m a Certified Professional Hypnotist affiliated with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnosis. I’m looking froward to helping you make powerful changes to your life and habits with ease.

The Mattoon Hypnosis Center proudly serves the Mattoon and Charleston area, and all of Central Illinois. We are located in a quiet neighborhood of Mattoon, Illinois within Nurturing Touch Massage. You can find us at 3228 Champaign, Ave in Mattoon.

Call 217-549-7105 or email Hello@MattoonHypnosis.com!

Are you trying to make changes but waiting until a tomorrow that never comes?

Are you tired of feeling stuck?

The Mattoon Hypnosis Center offers Client Centered Solution Focused Hypnosis and Mindfulness Based Programs to empower you to reach your goals!

Hypnosis is a proven method to quickly achieve your goals. Hypnosis helps you create a state of mind that allows you freedom to create new healthy habits. That’s not all. Hypnosis is an amazing way to deal with and change a wide array of issues.

At The Mattoon Hypnosis Center You Can:

  • Leave the past behind. It’s time to break those patterns and succeed in your goals!
  • Quit smoking the easy way!
  • Lose Weight like you never knew was possible!
  • Stop living in fear of panic, stress overloads, and anxiety!
  • Improve Sports performance!
  • Rid yourself of Test Anxiety!
  • Learn to manage and control pain!
  • Scared to fly? Snakes? I cover that too!

The Mattoon Hypnosis Center doesn’t make these claims without knowing research backs it up. Scientific discoveries continue to unveil the amazing benefits of Hypnosis and Mindfulness. The power of your mind is waiting to be unleashed. Hypnosis and Mindfulness research proves great results for those who want to quit smoking, lose weight, manage pain, and even speed up recovery from surgery. Athletes at every level, in every sport, are always seeking an edge over the competition. Research shows that Sports Hypnosis is a proven and safe method to reach peak performance.

We offer Programs that range from 1 to 3 sessions for most clients. Some programs may run a little longer, and individual sessions can always be reserved for those seeking further assistance.

Office Hours are by appointment only. Call 217-549-7105 or email Hello@MattoonHypnosis.com

Explore the possibilities of your mind!

The Mattoon Hypnosis Center serves the following areas:

  • Mattoon, IL
  • Charleston, IL (The home of Eastern Illinois University)
  • All of Coles, Douglas, Shelby, and Champaign Counties.

Sessions are also available by Skype for long distance clients and those unable to leave their home.